E-Portfolios Scare Me

I barely know how to turn on a computer.

At least once per day I’m convinced that my computer is broken and then someone does something super simple and tells me it was never broken.┬áSo, when I found out we had to make an e-portfolio I was super nervous. Looking through e-portfolios has only made me more apprehensive.

I started by looking at Meghan Brown’s. It’s so organized. So much color. So organized. How do I do that? I really liked her use of the tabs, and how they’re organized and what happens when you click on them. Rather than being bombard with a block of text, we get a little snip bit of info on her projects and a picture of them that links them to her full projects. I really liked that because it made me feel not overwhelmed.

I also really liked Logan Hansen’s e-portfolio because of it’s professionalism. It looks like something that could be shown to employers. I’m still not quite sure whether I want my e-portfolio to be “fun” or “professional”. I think there are some ups and downs to both. For one, a “fun” e-portfolio could better display my personality, but a “professional” one could be better for my future. So, that’s something I still have to think about.

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