Either a Bad Joke or a Great Beginning

An anthropology, biology, and philosophy major are sitting in a bar… Just kidding. They are sitting in my living room, with our eclectic miss-mosh of decorations scattered about (i.e.: the antique wheelchair in the corner we use for extra seating, since it was brought by the pre-med biology major in this very room and we figured it ought not go unused; or the near life-sized poster of Beyonce that is so cherished by the anthropology major and her cultural obsessions). Needless to say, this sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.

But it isn’t. Actually, it is the beginning of my Project III. My plan for this project is to expand upon my academic article on science and objectivity by talking with other college students who are majoring in either the sciences or certain humanities. What I ultimately hope to accomplish is to ask similar questions I asked in my paper all the while getting differing perspectives on these inquiries. I want to see if the scientists have a different view on all of this than I do, or if we might oddly agree. Moreover, I want to consider what this could mean for the work of Philip Kitcher that I critiqued for Project II and for science as a practice in itself.

The basic idea is to chat. To get my peers’ opinions, to simply have a discussion about the issues at hand. And, overall, to show how there really is overlap between the hard sciences and the humanities, no matter how much people would like to believe that there is not. It is all entangled. How will I show this? My prediction is that it will appear, prevalent and pervasive, in these podcasts with my peers. We’ll see. Worst comes to worst, we’ll have some solid conversations whilst sitting in a wheelchair, Beyonce overseeing the debate, smoldering.

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