Evolution Reflection

On Monday in class, the assignment was to take 21 minutes answering 3 questions, allowing 7 minutes per question.  I wasn’t in class, so I did this assignment while I was at work- with a LOT of distractions.  Needless to say, the 7 minute rule may have been a broken, and I think I could have benefitted a bit more if I had been present for a class discussion at the end.  Regardless, I enjoyed thinking about the questions as I thought they were interesting concepts I don’t usually pay much attention to.


Q1: What characterizes your writing at its best?

When I work really hard on my writing, my personality shows.  I am good at description, creativity, and humor.  I also usually write with more varying sentence structure when I concentrate on writing a great piece.  I am very good at engaging the reader and writing in a conversational tone.  I usually write informally, which may be appropriate for some circumstances, but sometimes is not.  My best writing is at an appropriate level of formality for what is being discussed.  I would argue though that my top-notch pieces are ones that are supposed to be informal, as I am most creative and unique with what I say in those instances.  My writing is also at its best when I am very passionate about the subject.  That being said, my best writing is personable, relatable, and “real.”  


Q2: How does/will your capstone project reveal something about you as a writer?

What originally drew me to writing was that it was a way for me to both express and figure out my opinions.  Writing requires a lot of thought, which can help when trying to uncover the truth- whether it be the truth about your feelings or the truth about the world.  I think my project will project my desire to find the truth, as the idea is that it will give the general public the tools to help them uncover the truth on their own.


Q3:What do you still not know about yourself as a writer?

I know I just wrote about what characterizes my writing at its best, but I still don’t know what makes my writing “good” or “bad” to other people.  I have put my heart and soul into some of my pieces of writing and have had it ripped to shreds.  Other times, I have half-assed plenty of writing assignments and have received praise for them.  I know this has to do with my ability (or lack thereof sometimes) to make my writing understandable to other people.  I write the way I think, and sometimes that makes more sense to people than other times.  This is something I need to discover as a writer so I can become a stronger writer with all of my writing.


By the time I answered the third question, I wondered if I knew as much about myself as a writer as I thought I did.  Most of this contemplation came after the 7 minutes were up for the question.  I’m not sure I even know why I enjoy writing so much.  Thinking about it seemed enlightening and made me appreciate my writing so much more.  I hope to make this enthusiasm and passion apparent in my final project.  These questions also helped stimulate more thought on how I have developed as a writer and where I still have flaws.


2 thoughts to “Evolution Reflection”

  1. Hi Kaitlynn!
    We missed you in class on Monday. I too had a hard time answering these questions and by the time I got to the third, I was almost more confused about myself as a writer than I was when we began the exercise. With that said, this was a great exercise that got us thinking! It’s interesting that you point out the concept of good and bad writing. This is something I have always wondered about also because I feel like writing can be subjective. I’m excited to read your evolution essay!


  2. Hi Kaitlynn!

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was in Houston and was kept quite busy. Anyway, I find it very interesting that you mention that you best writing is that which is informal. This is interesting to me because your capstone project is dealing with science writing—a type of writing that is often quite formal. I know that we’ve talked before and you mentioned that you want you’re capstone project to be less formal than it has to be (specifically in relation to the scientists interview responses). I’m really curious to see how it turns out such that you remain true to the type of writing you think you do best!


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