Exploring E-Portfolios

For the past few weeks, as we have been preparing to create our own individual e-portfolios, I have been having a hard time picturing my own e-portfolio. However, going through the portfolios from past Gateway students definitely helped because in taking the time to appreciate the details and features used in their sites gave me ideas of how I would like to format my own e-portfolio.

One of the first ones that really stood out to me – and one that we looked at in class – was Allison Raeck’s portfolio. When I first saw it in class, I remember wanting to return to her page because I liked how her homepage included a hand-drawn manifesto. Returning to it now made me also appreciate her uniform color scheme throughout, and the general layout of her site. I liked the navigation bar at the top of the page with drop-down options and I liked how she also included writing pieces from outside of the Gateway class: it makes her site look more professional and usable for resumes. Finally, I appreciated how her writing pieces were directly linked to her site’s page (rather than clicking on an image of it and having the piece blow-up in a different window). I found that this made her page more user-friendly and seamless.

The next portfolio that I took note of was that of Catherine Livingston. The first thing that I noticed and liked about her site was that her main page was not full of information (i.e. writing pieces from the class). Rather, it had a slideshow of photographs that could have been taken while she was traveling – which is fitting since she described herself as a writer and traveler. Below the slideshow she had a short blurb to introduce the idea of an e-portfoli and, like Allison’s site, she had a navigation bar at the top of the page that contained her writing pieces and information about herself. Overall, her site is very simple and professional and easy to navigate: two aspects that I want to incorporate.

Something I noticed about many of the e-portfolios was the presence of a central “theme” that related to the individual writer him/herself, or to the content of the writing displayed on the site. I definitely would like to somehow incorporate a central theme to my own site because I felt as though it added a continuity and centrality to the sites I looked at. I will also be keeping in mind that I should keep my site simple and clutter-free.

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