For the love of God, hold the door

I like to think I’m a pretty level-headed person. I personally wouldn’t say I have a short temper.

But three things drive me absolutely crazy. Let’s call them pet peeves. I’ll just list them for you, so I don’t start angrily rambling too much.

1. Hold the door

I’m not sure when this started standing out to me. But one day, while I was walking to class, someone opened the door in front of me and made absolutely no effort to hold it open. Like c’mon man, two seconds to keep the door open and help the guy out who’s walking behind you? Is that too much to ask?

It just seems like such a simple task that shows some common courtesy. Hold the door open, you might make my day. Maybe someone else’s too.


2. Airplane étiqueté.

When I go home to Long Island for the holidays, I hop on a plane. And obviously, when that plane lands, you have to grab your luggage overhead. But for some reason, people seem to really struggle with the concept of letting the row in front of you go first. I think it’s common sense, but maybe other people don’t.

Either way, it really gets under my skin. Especially when I flew home for Christmas and I watched a middle-aged couple blow by a college girl with crutches trying to get out of her row. What the hell middle-aged couple? Row 1 gets their luggage, exits the plane. Then Row 2 gets their luggage, exits the plane, and so on. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

3. Backseat driving

This past weekend, I was appointed as the driver for a trip to Cincinnati to cover the NCAA Hockey Tournament. No one else wanted to drive, and that was fine. I don’t really mind driving. It was all going well until about two hours in.

“Drive faster. Drive slower. Why aren’t you passing that guy?”

Maybe waking up at 7:45 that morning had something to do with my response.

“Would you like me to pull over so you can drive?”

Besides, Michigan’s game wasn’t until six anyway. The only difference that would have come from driving 80 mph, as opposed to 90 mph, was a speeding ticket. And I definitely didn’t feel like paying that.


Anyway, I’m done. I hope that didn’t come across as pessimistic. We all just have those things that grind our gears, ya know?

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