Freewriting- My Capstone Project

For my capstone project, I hope to develop a comprehensive curriculum for an elective course to be taught within the BBA curriculum at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. As part of the project, I have elicited the help of a Business Communications (BCOM) professor I have worked with in the past to advise me. This professor will also ultimately be teaching the course if it is approved, so we will be working closely together in development.


One thing I have to keep in mind in terms of audience focus are the politics behind academics at the school and the variety of stakeholders that will be involved, including administrators, faculty in the BCOM department, and professors that teach other similar classes. Another department that I will have to consult is the Communications department through the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts to ensure there is not significant overlap between the class I am developing and any Communications classes. There may even be components of curricula in these classes that I can draw on for the BCOM elective. Directly, my audience will be the professor I am working with as the teacher and the committee I pitch the elective to for approval (this will probably be the BCOM department and/or undergraduate dean). Indirectly, my audience will be the students that take the class.


The focus of the class will be public relations and business crisis communication for all undergraduates. I am currently working on defining public relations further and refining the scope of what the class will include.


A few ideas I have for deliverables and multimodal components I want to include in the project:

  • Comprehensive course syllabus with model dates and guidelines
    • I could list assignments/deliverables in the following format: assignment, explanation, goals, procedure, deliverable, grading etc.)
  • Multimodal course resources for students
    • Website or mock CTools or Canvas
    • Video
    • Infographic
  • Model simulations professors can use as part of the class for students (action-based learning)
    • Press releases
    • “Crisis communication challenge” etc.
  • Examples of complete assignments or simulations


I am still figuring out how I will build these resources and also how I will put them all together and house them, whether it is through a website or mock CTools or Canvas site or a written document or some combination of the two. Another crazier idea but something that might be interesting to pursue would be a mock lesson with students that I record on video and provide as a resource for both professors and students as a form of pitch for the class.


One thing I need to keep in mind as I engage further with this project is the importance of meeting with professors, both my advisor and possibly Minor in Writing professors, about how to develop curricula, create syllabi and engage students through a variety of assignments and types of work as this is something I am interested in, but have no experience in. It may be helpful to also talk to a professor or student in the School of Education as well.


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