graphix n comix

For my project III, I want to turn my essay into a graphic narrative. Having already created some narratives for classes at the art school, this seems like the perfect way to merge my visual and writing skills. Taking inspiration from Sara Lautman, Phoebe Gloeckner, Alison Bechdel, and David Small, I want to narrate it from my own point of view, with myself looking back on the situations and experiences over the past few months and actually drawing myself as an external narrator, but also a character integrated into the different stories.

I’m looking forward to figuring what parts of my writing to make visual, and how to translate the analysis into drawings. Right now I’m envisioning illustrating the narrative parts of the writing (like me talking to my parents, also Tracey Emin and Alison Bechdel and David Sedaris talking about their work), with my analysis simplified into smaller statements to go along with these illustrations.

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