I swear I’m not on anything

My pet peeves…hmm…my pet peeves…I should have learned from last time and thought about this ahead of time. But here I am…idea-less…using excessive periods…Omg it doesn’t stop. Okay, I guess one of my pet peeves would be timers. They really stress me out. I really dislike the pressure of time. It’s inexorable. It’s inescapable. There is literally nothing anyone can do to get more time or to go back in time or whatever. Actually once I was watching this thing on TV and they actually said that it was possible to travel through time. Like they made these tiny microscopic particles go super super fast like speed of light fast and then by the end they hadn’t decayed or something as much as they should’ve meaning that time travel exists! (or at least things can experience time differently based on the speed at which they are going). Anyway, it blew my mind but also made me kind of exasperated. Like how am I supposed to travel at the speed of light and is that the only way I can get more time? Not fair. Also, apparently depending on where you are on this Earth, time can move differently for you. If I remember correctly, time in Egypt moves like very very marginally slower than it does elsewhere. I think something to do with sea level or gravity or distance from something I’m actually not sure…. Anyway they also said that if you were on a train that went at the speed of light, you would experience a year in the time it took everyone else to experience 100 years. Maybe this whole thing was a load of garbage but honestly I can’t wait for the day when someone discovers how to move people at the speed of light to slow down time and what not without us exploding. I’m feeling existential tonight clearly. Also isn’t it weird how in dreams you feel like you can live a whole life and it’s actually just one hour. I read that it’s this weird chemical that our brain makes when we go through the stages of sleep. It makes us perceive time differently. Time is soooooo weird. Also I don’t like when I can’t remember the dream I had (if it was good). I guess that’s a pet peeve. Hey that’s pretty cyclic I’m right back to where I started. UNLIKE TIME. (maybe).

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