I think the most dangerous writing app is slowly killing me

Pet Peeves… Oh God… I have so many. People that chew too loudly. People who don’t say please and thank you to wait staff. People who put their gum on their plate while eating and then chew it again after. When someone looks over my shoulder while I’m trying to do something. People who say like every other word. People who talk to quietly. People who talk to loud. People who try and get on a train while people are trying to get off. Just let them get off first, jeez. People that don’t use silverware when they eat. People who lick their fingers. People who don’t hold the door for someone right behind them. People who make excuses. People who have bad grammar. People who have bad spelling. People who play their music too loudly in their headphones, so that others have to hear it. People who talk on the phone loudly in public places. People who don’t spit their toothpaste down the drain so that it stains the sink. People who don’t clean up after themselves. People who are late. People who knock into me and don’t say excuse me. Wow, this probably sounds like a crazy rant. I really an not a negative person, I swear. I guess the words Pet Peeve just triggered me.

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