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In class on Wednesday, we spent time looking at pictures and analyzing them in terms of our eportfolio.  Is this a picture we would use? What is the picture’s composition? How would this picture fit in with the rest of our eport?  I found this assignment very difficult to do.  I want to be able to show it to employers in the future, which makes me question what kinds of pictures would be necessary/appropriate to use.  I don’t want to be boring, but I don’t want to be unprofessional with the pictures I choose to include.  Another issue is that a lot of the pictures I take are of nature/scenery.  I’m not sure how to include them without making my entire portfolio nature themed.  This assignment got me thinking a lot harder about my project, and I think I will try to close-read some more images to further develop my ideas for this project.

Here was my image close-read:


I keep going back and forth between what audiences I would like to have for my capstone portfolio. I want it to be less about me, and more about my writing and how my writing makes me feel. I have some great pictures of nature and scenery that I think I would like to use throughout my eportfolio. When I write, I feel free, which is a similar feeling I get from pictures about nature (and actually being in nature). This photo above is one I would like to use for my about me. As I said earlier, I want my eport to be less personal and more of a representation of my work, so I would like this picture to be one of the only ones with me actually in it. This picture is made up of three important elements: me, my school, and nature (my freedom from school). This is very important because each element is something I would like to emphasize in my portfolio. This is all natural light from the sunset. Also, I’m short enough you can see the horizon! It looks like me looking out into my future, my freedom. If I make this theme very prevalent throughout my portfolio, it may be easy to understand. Ultimately, I would like to use this as my “about me” photo if I were to stick with this nature/freedom theme.

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  1. Hi Kaitlynn- Although I wasn’t in class on Wednesday, this sounds like it was a helpful but challenging workshop. I definitely have to think about what kind of photos I want to include in my e-port. I think the picture you included in this post is great. I can see you, Michigan and nature reflected in this photograph. I think that I will end up wanting my e-portfolio to be more on the personal side, but choosing the photos will be a challenge. I look forward to seeing your e-portfolio come together!


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