Images: What Does It Say?

I feel that within many eportfolios, there is always that token ‘professional’ photo. It’s typically a headshot, something fancy, or something even just funny—a photo that expresses the identity of the writer. Within my eportfolio, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to equal out the audience of my peers versus professional contacts, such as employers. In this sense, I want my eport overall to be appealing to my peers and an enjoyable eport to scroll through and read, but also show my passion and overall skill set to potential employers within the business realm.



It doesn’t help that I don’t have too many professional photos. One photo that I was planning on incorporating into my eport is a picture that my sister had taken of me this past summer, where I’m standing in front of the lake—no bathing suit shots, don’t worry. But in this photo, I’m wearing sunglasses, exhibiting a ‘soft smile,’ and the line boarders the line between showing my personality and giving off a professional vibe—pretty cool and collective, if I say so myself.


The photo focuses in on mostly my face, revealing the area from only my torso up. There are miles of blue water in the background, which distract from anything else in the photo. I am standing off center and towards the left of the frame, emphasizing the lake behind me. I am aware that the photo is being taken, as I am making eye contact with the photographer. My sister had taken this photo on her nice camera where she tends to do her artsy photography projects, so the image itself is exceptionally vivid. I am wearing sunglasses and my bare arms are exposed; yet nothing is portrayed as revealing as I was actually on my way home from work when the photo was taken. The soft smile shows both a friendly and artistic representation of my identity, as the facial expression does not seem sarcastic or over the top.


Since this photo was taken in the middle of the day, the sun is shining—there is a clear gleam of light that rests against my face, but still appears to be professional—although could also double as an ‘artsy’ Instagram post. The calm blues behind me juxtapose the browns and lacks of my attire, sunglasses, and hair, offering a nice color contrast within the photo itself.


After analyzing the photo, I think that I would ultimately include it within my eportfolio. This photo would be present on a page about me—possibly where I share my resume or information about myself in general. I think that this photo would give context to the author of the eport as a whole, allowing readers to put a face to the name—or words. I think that this photo could definitely appeal to my two core audiences—peers and professionals, as it evokes both an artistic yet seemingly professional tone. This analysis leaves me with relief considering this is the photo I use on my LinkedIn page.

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