Just put one thought in front of the other…

I’m just going to start. I don’t know why, but since it’s timed and I know it’ll disappear, all my brilliant ideas for beginnings and hooks disappeared from my head. I just wanted to start moving my fingers on the keys. Its actually sort of soothing- not being able to stop and think. I know I can’t get frustrated, and I can’t let myself overthink or question anything. Just go go go keep going oh god don’t stop going. Okay. So what kind of animal am I? Well what the hell kind of question is that. I dont knsdfjkdsfjksdfljsldjfklsjdfjs ahhhh oh my god it started to fade. That was terrifying. I actually felt my heart rate triple.


Okay. So I am going to choose to interpret this question as what kind of animal would you WANT to be. Because I don’t know what kind of animal I AM exactly, I think I am a combination of lots of different animal characteristics. I would want to be part dolphin, because they honestly never stop having fun. Dolphins never have any problems, they just get to splash around and play and have a blast and maybe eat some fish every once in a while. But I’m definitely not all dolphin, I’m way less carefree than that.

Okay so how about a giraffe or an elephant? I like both of those animals a lot; elephants have always been my favorite. But they don’t really do much, do they? If I’m going to choose an animal, I want one that stays busy. So maybe some sort of monkey? Or like a squirrel or something? I never stop moving, and I like to overbook my life and my self (even though I don’t handle stress well- which makes no sense). So I’m going to decide that I am a squirrel or a monkey. Hey!!! I’ll be a squirrel monkey!! I love those. They’re adorable. Check em out if you havent. Monkeys have fun, and they’re cute and smart and funny to watch. Also they just climb trees and swing around all day, which would be fun. And they probably do stuff, right? Good enough for me.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.58.41 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.58.28 PM



One thought to “Just put one thought in front of the other…”

  1. I wish I came up with a clever way to explain the “sfhkdasjhfdkhfka” part, well done. If people are reading mine, they probably think I’m just really bad at proofreading. A squirrel monkey is really outside the box (I didn’t even know those existed to be honest) — much better than the Disney character I ended up with at the end of my 10 minutes.

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