Life Causes Cancer-Discussion


As I browsed through the articles on Lucky Peach, my eyes were drawn to the article, “Life Causes Cancer.” At first I was a little thrown off… was this going to be another article warning the public about the endless number of foods that cause cancer? It seems like there is constantly findings about another thing that may cause cancer. However, this article was different.


Focusing on the chemical acrylamide, the article outlines what it does and the harm it can cause to your body. BUT, it also addresses the fact that life in general can cause cancer. Food causes cancer. The sun causes cancer. Air causes cancer. The author reminds readers that all of these things are a warning to us that life is short and that we should enjoy every minute. I liked this article because of its bluntness and the message it leaves readers with. I think it applies to the minor, because the author takes what could be a simple topic and tells a story through it. The article digs deeper, finding meaning in what could be a simply factual article about chemicals in food that cause cancer. I think that this type of writing fits very well in the writing minor, especially to our projects.


As you read the article take note of your initial reaction to the article. Think about if/how you changed your behavior. Some other questions to consider:

Where are you from? Do you think this influences your perspective on this article?

Does the author’s personal experience with the carcinogen change your perspective on the risk associated with cooked foods?

Do you think the title is effective?

Do you think the writing style of this article is effective? What do you admire about his writing style?

What stylistic elements does the author use that you could incorporate into your own project?

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