Little Balls of Margarine

All afternoon I have been conducting interviews for this pre-law organization (since some friends of mine apparently think I am qualified to be Vice President of said organization, ppfftt okay guys). Anyways, it is odd. But I am running with it. So one of the questions we have been asking the interviewees is what they consider their spirit animal to be… 4/5 people so far have said Lion… LIKE WHAT. WE CANNOT ALL BE LIONS. I am unusually upset about this widespread, generic answer.

But I also am mildly happy about it because it got me thinking. I mean it really got the good ol’ gears turning. What I would say my spirit animal is anyways? Someone once told me I seem like a white Siberian tiger, which I found oddly specific yet reasonable, I suppose. But then like isn’t tiger pretty generic as well? I used to think that was fitting for me: elusive, intimidating, chill until someone (or something) really ticks them off. Ya know they get down to business when they gotta but otherwise they are fairly under the radar. Sounds like me. But what about some of the more eccentric animals? Also, isn’t this whole idea of having a spirit animal odd in itself? We are animals, technically. I wonder if any animals consider what their spirit animals would be… Jk that is pretty damn unlikely. But is is? How do we know what animals think? Well, we don’t, I guess.

Last night, in the delirium that is 3am, my roommate turned to me and proclaimed that we are all basically bacteria. With a look of disbelief, I disagreed. I think we can agree that, in a physiological (or biological or what have you) sense, we certainly are not bacteria. But with respect to how small we are in this universe, I suppose we are like bacteria in a way. We are all animals, or all bacteria, in this very small world in this very large universe. Now I am getting all like WHOAAAA MAN WHAT ARE WE?!?!? One time, last year, I was having a mini-meltdown about society and culture and the structure of our reality and at the end I proclaimed that “for all we know we could just be ‘little balls of margarine'”… I have moved slightly away from this earlier stance but I mean, now I am not so sure. I think we just might be margarine after all. Or something like that.

2 thoughts to “Little Balls of Margarine”

  1. Hi Danielle!
    I’m super impressed with your train of thought! You wrote about a lot of interesting ideas, and as someone who had a lot of trouble with this app (it disappeared and I failed like 3 times), I really commend you for getting so much down without being too rambly or incomplete. Nice job!

  2. Wow, as Emily said above, this is actually pretty impressive for using the app! I’m impressed by your train of thought & big-picture analysis of human life in general. I kinda like the idea of being little balls of margarine. Even if not that, just self-identifying as bacteria rather than the same old tiger is a pretty cool thought too!

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