Making Another Writer’s Decisions

In class a month or so ago, we focused on helping each other with project ideas based on interests, passions and areas of expertise. It was interesting to work with Cameron on this, as our interests are very different- his in medicine, climbing and mental health, mine in business communication, immersion journalism and public relations.

I discussed project ideas with Cameron and thought we had a really helpful conversation. A couple ideas Cameron gave me stemmed from some of his past projects and the shared interests we discussed. He did a podcast on his family ties and we talked about the possibility of me doing something similar. My entire extended family lives in the same small hometown and one idea we had would be to get perspectives from everyone in the family, young and old, and try to tell a collective story about either the place or the people. Another idea Cameron helped me formulate was to try something in fiction. This is an area neither of us have explored but we thought about taking the challenge and discussed where we might start—whether with poetry, a short story etc. I am interested in immersion journalism after taking English 425 last semester and another idea that came out of our conversation would be to pursue an investigative immersion journalism piece about Detroit or something on campus. I am going to be doing strategy consulting after graduation and business writing will be ever-present in my career, so I want to pursue something different with this project and Cameron concurred, encouraging me to look outside my field.


My conversation with Cameron encouraged me to think outside the box in terms of mediums for my project. I tend to stick with what I am comfortable with and have strayed away from new media in a lot of recent projects. However, Cameron did a podcast project for the Gateway and shared with me how challenging but beneficial it was for him to try to tell a story in a medium that was outside his original comfort zone. I hope to push myself to do the same with this project.

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