March Madness

One of the better March Madness commercials I’ve seen is one from Buffalo Wild Wings, which assures the wives of husbands who’s husband has gone rouge to watch the NCAA basketball tournament at the restaurant chain that their men will resume responsibility in April, after the championship game, of course.

I reference the commercial because it sums up my month of March with regards to the writing process. Sure, I am a huge sports person and I do have money on Oklahoma winning the Big Dance, but the real (or rather my) problem is the madness associated with second semester senior year. It seems that Spring Break marked the point of no return in terms of my friends letting lose. They got into medical school, settled on law school, got jobs, decided they had done enough early on to pass their pass/fail classes. They got senioritis, which is fine because they have worked their behinds off every semester until then.

Once the friend who was ahead on all of her work and ready to participate in whatever adventure from whatever friend was up for it, I find myself stressed by all the fun to be had. Of course, it’s my own fault, but it feels like all the time I’ve set aside to write has been scheduled over by a new restaurant or a drinking holiday or a nap to recover from a friend’s birthday or a last-minute interview or, well, basketball. The result has been nearly a week of no progress whatsoever, the realization that the project is due in one month, just three weeks after the conclusion of March Madness.

It also means that there is no time for writer’s block on free, lazier Sundays that should be spent writing the day away. Low and behold, feeling lost on a Sunday has gotten me no further than this blog post. Also there is a couple sitting across from me play fighting and kissing, so that’s not helpful, but I digress.

With St. Paddy’s Day behind us, I am hopeful that some of this madness is behind us. Then again, I have Wisconsin beating No. 2 Xavier at 8:40 pm ….!

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