“Marley & Me” 2.0: “Ralph & Me”

What animal am I? Well, at first I was pretty reluctant to admit it, but I am my yellow lab, Ralph. Or rather my dog and I are the same person. We look alike (well we use to), are a little spastic, and enjoy long walks on the beach.

In regards to looking alike, a few weeks ago I died my hair so that I would no longer IMG_6754resemble my dog (only one of a multiple reasons). People kept saying “OMG you are that person who looks exactly like their dog” and I would respond “Oh great thanks.” So after hearing this one too many times I died my hair dark brown in order to no longer match Ralph.

Okay so this post is very jumbled and I am not sure where my thoughts are taking me so I am continuing to write before I loose everything. Everything is fading! Ugh backspace just makes everything disappear.IMG_6706

Alright so back to Ralph, he is cute, cuddly, and 99.9% of the time he is getting into trouble. For example, last week he chewed a big whole in the bedspread, during the middle of the night, while I was sleeping and then threw up the bedspread on the bed. It was gross! Ironically, the funny thing is that since we are the same creature, I am always getting in trouble too. But, I don’t chew the bed and throw it up.

I really hope I am not Ralph… Please do not be Ralph…. Oh goodness I am Ralph.

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