Me as an Animal

What Animal am I? Well, I have never really thought of this before, but upon being asked to recollect on this, I immediately thought of my dog. My dog and I have spent countless evenings on the couch watching all types of sports together. Each of us lying down with our heads on a pillow, yes my dog does enjoy sprawling out on a pillow, with our feet up. Two best friends.
About my dog, she is an eleven year old- tri colored bassett hound (pictured below) who really can spend entire days watching the birds outside and greeting people as they walk in the house, but most of the time sleeping. She also enjoys walking around, especially in the snow, outside.
Besides from the constant laziness, I would say we are pretty similar. I wouldn’t mind the life she has.
So that makes me a bassett hound. I am happy about that. Especially, if I was one, I would be honored to turn out like her and have the impact on other people that she has had on me. She always makes me happy when I see her and I am excited to return home so we can pick up on out sport watching together.

(Emmy in her natural habitat)

IMG_1026 (1)

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  1. Aw- I’m a sucker for cute dog stories…….
    I liked that you said you were excited to return home to hangout with your dog. I’m counting down the days until summer until I can hangout with my dog as well! 🙂

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