Me, Myself & I…As a Writer

Today in class we free wrote for 21 minutes about how we characterize our writing, how our projects reveal something about us as writers and what we still do not know about ourselves about writers. It’s hard to characterize my writing at its best. Pinpointing one or even a few words to describe my writing was a bit of a challenge for me. However, I think my best writing happens after revisions. Although I think it is extremely important to spend time and put thought into a first draft, most of my magic occurs during my revision process. When I first start writing I try and get as many thoughts as possible out and then usually I will revisit my piece in about a day. Typically, a new thought or idea will come to me before I revisit my work which aids me in my revision process.


In terms of structure, my best writing is grammatically correct, with a wide use of vocabulary. I find that my best writing is also the writing I am most interested and engaged with. My best writing takes time. Something that frustrates me is that most of my best writing takes time. However, over the years I have learned to embrace it.

My hope is that my project will reveal my strong interest in writing about fashion. Fashion is something that I have been passionate about for many years and I hope that can be seen through my project. It is important to me that my voice can be heard through out my project.

I think there is a lot I don’t know about myself as a writer. As I tried to describe my “best writing” I had trouble coming up with stylistic characteristics. I was able to explain how I wrote my best work, but could characterize my final pieces. I feel as if we characterize writers all the time, they are humorous and convincing, informative but satirical, etc. I do not know how I would characterize myself. However, I think part of this stems from the fact that the past 16 years most of my writing has been assigned for school purposes. Although I have written pieces outside of school assignments I do not know if I have written enough to characterize my writing into a specific genre.

Further, I love writing about fashion, but have also considered that I may want to write about other topics moving forward. I don’t know a lot of things…but that is half the fun. Writing is an evolution and I don’t see my evolution ending any time soon.

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  1. Hannah,

    I also had a hard time characterizing my best writing. I agree, at this stage in our lives, how could we know? Nearly all the writing we have done has been assigned to us. I also agree that my best writing comes after revision, and that is extremely frustrating. I remember I used to think that famous writers just came up with an idea in their head, wrote it down, and then got it published. This is far from the truth- everyone’s best writing comes after a lot of revision. The writing process is slow and frustrating, but that’s what makes it so rewarding!

    Looking forward to seeing how you project is developing!

  2. Hey Hannah,

    I found it so fascinating that you delve into the characterization of other writers and compare it to yourself in this blog post. That is so true. I have no idea how I would characterize myself. From what I have seen so far, your writing has expressed these characterizations that you hoped to have expressed. I’m sure that will only come out more true over time, as you say that your best writing takes time 🙂

    All the best,

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