My own “work in progress”

To be honest, before exploring past Eportfolios on my own, I was not really looking forward to creating one for myself. During class time, I had yet to discover an Eportfolio that drew me in and excited me about this final project. But when exploring several more this past weekend, I saw how unique these websites can truly be.

The one that excited me the most was Maya Kalman’s. For starters, I loved that her Eportfolio had a unique title and was not simply “Maya Kalman’s Eportfolio”. The fact that it said “Work In Progress” on the homepage caused me to want to continue exploring her website right from the beginning. I really enjoyed the color schemes she decided to use because it was not too overwhelming. She stuck to mostly black, white, and grey, and then added a pop of color on each page for emphasis. Another aspect that I thought worked extremely well was how she wrote “Click here to read..”. This made everything very organized and clear, and her use of photographs kept the portfolio interesting! Lastly, it was great to see that Maya used her Eportfolio in the future for “more writing” and added creative and professional work to her site as well.

Maya’s site gave me a lot of ideas for what I want to include in my own “Work In Progress”, and showed me that it’s possible for your personality to come out in this project.

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