My Writing Communities

As I reflect on the different ways and mediums in which I write, I have realized that I belong to several diverse writing communities that have influenced me as a writer.
One writing community I belong to is the professional business writing community. As a BBA student entering the corporate world after graduation, I have spent the past several years working to perfect my business writing, including resumes, cover letters, memos, and it may sound trivial, but great emails. Paying close attention to my business writing style and the content I write, such as being extremely direct in asking for help or putting myself out there, has proved very beneficial in my past internships and in the process I went through to secure my full-time job. In this writing community I am careful about my personal brand, diligent, not-very-creative and attentive to detail.
Another writing community I belong to is one created through my English 425 class last semester that focused on immersion journalism. The class had less than 20 students and was my first exposure to this form of writing, which I grew to love. My focus in the class was to learn as much from my peers as I could while striving to become a better writer and challenge myself with different material and styles. I found that my peers, many of whom were aspiring journalists or well on their way in the field, helped me grow. I realized that a career in journalism is really interesting and intriguing to me and writing has since become a more important part of my life. In this community, I was a careful observer, critic, engaged listener and hard worker. I was more creative, less comfortable and willing to (even if maybe reluctantly) take risks with my writing. I put myself out there both as a person and as a writer. More than anything, in this course, I learned from my peers’ writing. I became interested long-form journalism and now read several publications and try to find essays whenever I can. I have followed my peers from class that are Michigan Daily reporters and kept up with their work. I really appreciated this engaged, supportive community as I explored I genre with which I was initially uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

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