Myself as a Writer: Reflection

Today in class, we had discussed different aspects of writing/writers relative to ourselves. Who are we as writers? What are we missing? It’s easy to get tangled up in a surface level identity as a writer. For me, I’ve always written very casually and a bit sarcastically, typically relative to everyday life. Think of more of an advice column, minus all the credentials actually necessary to have such a column. I had thought I had my own identity as a writer, but after reflection today, began to second guess my writer identity.

The first question that Shelley asked us was, “what characterizes your writing at its best?” To that, I simply responded with what writing I did best–conversational, humorous, light-hearted. Yet, began to later reflect how that may not necessarily be my best writing, but what comes most naturally to me. Later, she followed up with the question, “what do you still not know about yourself as a writer?” That’s where the real thinking set in. I found myself juxtaposing my previous answer to the earlier question, thinking about I don’t truly know myself relative to genre. What I mean by this is, I’ve always stuck to the same genre–maybe by habit, maybe I just liked that genre the best. But as my interests began to change, suddenly, my curiosity and exploration within writing did as well. As I began to seek out career opportunities post graduation, I found myself truly wondering if writing is something I could continue to do as a career. Unconsciously, I was limiting the world of writing to one specific, normalized genre for myself.


As I think about what I still don’t know about myself as a writer, I find myself questioning what other types of writing intrigue me. That’s where my final project comes into play. I’ve always been interested in food, but had never ventured to write about it. I was constraining genres without even realizing. And so, this project will truly reveal something about myself as a writer. While I am still targeting a similar audience to my previous works–always preferring to attract a similar-aged audience as myself, finding it easier to relate and express particular ideas–I am attemptingĀ to try out a new category. This project is like a trial run, but one I think will reinvent my love with writing as a whole.

I first became infatuated with extremely conversational writing, but over time, began to limit myself to a particular niche. Today’s discussion, along with heading in a different direction with my final project, allows for a greater exploration into the writing realm.

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