One-Eye, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater

Countless times I have been asked what spirit animal I am and I’ve never quite known how to answer. First off, what do they mean by “spirit animal”? Like, why can’t they just ask what kind of animal youafrican-elephant would be if you could? But even then how am I supposed to know what kind of animal I would be if I could be? It would be interesting to see in black and white like dogs do, but it would also be cool to have quills on my back like a hedgehog. But then if I were a giraffe, I could reach anything that’s too high uptumblr_static_8o1ha9ditdkw048csg8k404cg for me now because I would have a long neck. Maybe I would like being an elephant. They’re known for being some of the most loving creatures. And how could you not like elephants? If I were a bird I could see everything near and far by flapping my wings and flying away. A kangaroo wouldn’t be out of the question either. I would have a pouch to store all my snacks in and I am always in need of snacks. Could my spirit animal be a combination of all of these animals? I guess the question is left open for interpretation.

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