~~Portfolio Inspo~~

I’ve really enjoyed looking through these portfolios.  I think I looked over most of the 2014 cohort portfolios and I realized that the portfolio is really just a chance to do something creative.  I’m glad I looked over so many because now I have an idea of some things I want to & do not want to do on my own portfolio.

One of the main things I noticed is that the portfolio is really a chance to let your personality shine.  Every portfolio used different themes, fonts, tones, etc. to showcase the individual writer’s personality.  Some portfolios, however, accomplished this better than others.

One portfolio that I really enjoyed was Hannah Schiff’s.  I think she did a great job of showcasing her fun personality through the theme and font of the portfolio, but it wasn’t overly stimulating.  The pink was whimsical and fun, but not overbearing.  Her portfolio is fun and effective at showcasing her personality, but it’s not overcrowded or juvenile looking.  I also like how neatly organized it is– it’s very easy to navigate her portfolio.  I don’t like how the documents opened up into their own tabs though.

To contrast Hannah’s portfolio, I found Will Ruben’s a bit distracting.  I loved the fun vibe of his portfolio and all the different pictures he included, but I found the background themes, and differences in fonts somewhat distracting.  It  just seemed almost hard to take him seriously with all of the things he had going on.

Looking at the different portfolios I’ve gathered a few take aways: don’t be afraid to let my personality shine, don’t use distracting backgrounds but still make it colorful and funky, add pictures to break up the otherwise bland pages, don’t make all documents open up a new tab (this is annoying),  don’t use weird font colors on busy backgrounds, make it look professional yet also fun.

After looking at these portfolios I’m really excited to get started now & build my online presence!

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