Postmodern Tweeter

As I walked into my Project III pitch meeting, I was pretty sure that I was going to write short stories in the postmodern genre. I hadn’t thought about anything else. But T voiced concerns about how much time I would put into that project, and given that I have other classes, it didn’t seem feasible to create a finished product.

Then the other member–shout outs to Kevin–in my group meeting suggested that instead of short stories, I write postmodern tweets.

So my Project III will be to create a Twitter page for a postmodern author. I will take observations and thoughts and transcribe them so that they fit into the postmodern genre, and then I will tweet them. I have yet to decide if I want to create a completely fictional author (with name and background story) or if I simply want to tweet “thoughts from a (general/theoretical) postmodern author.” I’m leaning towards the former, because postmodernism relies on the author creating a fictional author to write their fiction.

My first step will be to create an author that I want to write from the perspective of. Then, I’ll need to do research on Twitter, because I know that there are authors out there who have created Twitters for characters and written stories with 140 characters at a time at their disposal. I’ll want to see how they use the platform.

Then, I’ll need to start drafting tweets, because I think the first few will be difficult for me to create. I’ll need to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

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