Procrastination At Its Finest

For me, starting a project is the most difficult part. I usually sit down and stare at the screen… and stare… and stare… and stare. Finally, after an ample amount of procrastination, the creativity starts flowing and I begin to write gibberish on the page. In order to prevent this when creating my EPortfolio, I decided to dissect multiple EPortfolios and incorporate certain aspects into my own. This process allowed me to create a step by step plan to prevent getting stuck.

After viewing multiple EPortfolios, I really liked Catherine Livingston’s homepage. It was simple and inviting. My favorite part was the presentation of images that gave me an insight into who Catherine is, engaging my curiosity. This influenced my choice to choose a simple, clean layout and include personal pictures.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the depth of Allison Raeck’s portfolio. She included every part of her projects and allowed her audience to learn about the creation processes. Furthermore, I have decided to allow my readers to be able open my writing in another new window. I felt that it was much easier to read Allison’s writing in new links.

Finally, I loved how Jake Lourim titled his tabs. It was simple to navigate and allowed me to find every project. For this reason, I have decided to name my tabs according to the meaning of Project I, Project II, and Project III.

After researching previous EPortfolios and starting my own, I am excited to keep working on my portfolio and make it simple, yet engaging.

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