Project III Introduction

For those of you who unfamiliar with my Project II, I chose to remediate my “Why I Write” piece and researched why other people write and even read. This translated into a search for what other types of mediums people use to convey their own life. While the mediums were different, from writing to making music to even social media posts, one thing remained constant: the goal of inspiration and creating emotions in others. Each of the people I interviewed had seemed to find their own voice in the medium that inspired them the most, and were trying to share their feelings with the world through it.

As for project III, I have chosen to record my interviews with these three individuals and compile a formal and informative podcast. While the “raw data” is already there: the interviews. I still have a lot more work in researching traditional podcasts and allowing mine to fit their form. In addition, a great idea was proposed in my group meeting of creating a site to host my podcast. This site will feature an “about me” page and also a brief page that will explain the intent and purpose of my podcast. allowing the potential listeners to be more informed before beginning to listen.

I am very excited to begin my research and creation of the new page, and looking forward to sharing it with you all.

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