Project III

Essentially, I have a very rough idea of what direction Project III is going for me. Since I turned a piece of media into prose I’m looking to make that again into something more artsy. Initially I thought I’d do some sort of photo set, but as Danielle pointed out in our meeting, I wasn’t too excited about it. I still feel like my Project II isn’t completely fleshed out, which is weird because I just handed it in. So that’s why I think I’m so stuck with starting this third project.

However, we threw around the idea of some sort of video/montage thing. I suppose that could work but I’m not too excited about that either. My voice is terribly shrill and chipmunk-like in recordings so I think I’d hate to hear myself read my stories out loud. So I am basically lost right now. I don’t even know where to begin other than that I want to do something visually. That’s what is lacking in my project II. Initially I had meant to have the screenshots of the tweets interspersed with the prose of my memoirs but due to formatting issues, I resolved to just italicizing the tweets and putting them at the beginning of every story.

If anyone has a fun idea of some sort of medium I could use to turn a memoir into something visual, please feel free to enlighten me because right now I’m pretty lost.

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