Por que no puedo hablar en español?

What animal am I you ask? Well, I think I could be any animal to be quite honest. It depends on my mood.


I think I’d like to be a graceful animal like a swan but that’s laughable. I’m so damn clumsy, I trip over my own feet on a daily basis.

swan butt Me as a Swan tbh.

Well I don’t know what other animal I’d be. I think I’d like to be something fierce like a bear or a lion. Except I’m tiny and intimidation is not my strong suit. Sometimes I wish I were taller.


Maybe then people would take me seriously when I get angry instead of laughing at my anger. Maybe I’d be a sloth. Lord knows I can sleep for 18 hours a day without a problem.


I’d love to be a giraffe. Then I’d be tall.



I don’t think I’d like to be a dog. Too loyal. And they love unconditionally. I’m too fast to hold a grudge and cut people out of my life. I’d make a terrible dog.



But maybe that means I’d make a good cat? I don’t know. They’re sassy and my roommate says they’re like mini devils. I kinda like them. I’ve never had to pay too much attention to any cats I’ve owned. That sounds terrible. They’re just all so independent. I like that about them. I think that might have to be the animal that I’d be. I wish I had a much better animal I could be. To be honest I hate how cliche the animal I ended up with is. I just panicked and started writing and now this is what I have.


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