Read my stuff?

Coming from a person who kept a very detailed diary as a kid (Not kidding…I wrote about my day every single night right before I went to bed), it is sometimes hard to imagine someone else reading the things that I write in my own real voice. Since middle school I think I pretty much perfected the art of the 5-paragraph essay, and by high school I was an expert in bullshitting, but it wasn’t often that I was asked to write anything for anyone to read that didn’t involve some kind of academic structure. Even poetry assignments, which you might think would expect us to draw more from our creative sides, were peppered with requirements that kept us on a very specified track. Now don’t get me wrong, I love poetry and don’t mind writing it, but I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that people would line up to read for any reason. Looking back on pieces I’ve written without the explicit intention of audience has given me a little insight into the kind of things that might be interesting about my writing. Maybe people would read it because I love the way words sound, and I love coming up with descriptions and phrases that sound interesting and intelligent. I guess I still can’t give a completely concrete answer about what other people would find interesting, but I think I have a fairly unique grasp on blending an almost academic style of writing with a more personal tone, which is a combination I personally love to read in other people’s writing.

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