Resting _____ face.

I’m easily annoyed. I think it’s my natural state. Some people are neutral. Others are happy (how). And then there’s me. I’m perpetually annoyed.

Of course, this means that when things are actually annoying, I reach peak annoyance levels.

Like when people don’t realize how loud their voices are. Or when they tell me that I have resting bitch-face. Or when they take off their shoes (some people should keep their shoes firmly on). When people decide that playing their music out loud is an okay thing to do. When people are being loud when I’m trying to study. When people try to explain things at me instead of to me. When cars don’t stop for me. When people walk too slowly in front of me. When people complain about how fast I walk. Actually, I don’t mind that. It makes me feel powerful. I walk with a purpose. I walk with a destination. I walk because I’m perpetually two minutes late to everything.

Also, when the doors to buildings close after 6pm and don’t let students in. Sometimes I’m cold and just want to remember what warm feels like. Why won’t you let me in, Mason Hall. Why. I just want to remember what having toes feels like. I just want to feel dry and warm for the 30 seconds that it takes to walk through your long-ass hallway. Just let me be warm.

When the dining hall serves terrible food for dinner but great food for lunch????? North Quad you need to build up to the ending. John Green said that he would never sacrifice a happy middle for a happy ending, but I firmly believe in happy endings. Why can’t North Quad get with the program. I just want good dinners. I just want happy endings. Please. Please. Please stop serving me dry, unseasoned chicken. And why did you think you could make a watermelon salsa. Nobody should be making a watermelon salsa. Also, there was too much garlic in that pasta yesterday.


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  1. Hi Regina, OMG this is hilarious! Especially the image and title! It actually made me laugh out loud haha. I loved how you were open about your feelings about dinning hall experimentation dishes, something we can all relate to.

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