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I know a guy who’s a literal golden retriever. Not a smart one who can do tricks, but the dumb ones that love everybody. I think those are the best somehow. but like I don’t know what I am. I’ve been told that I’m cat-like. I’m kind of introverted, lash out at people sometimes, and can sometimes be overly cute if I really want something. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that last part. I don’t think the cuteness works on anybody but my mom actually. Sometimes I feel like a sloth. I just hate moving. Moving is so difficult. If I could be horizontal forever, I don’t think it would be that bad. I’d eventually learn how to eat. My body would adjust. And I’d never have to get up. Honestly I just want to sleep for a full night for once. I’m just so tired. But like I get at least 5 hours every night? Other students are way worse off than me. But like I feel so tired. So, so tired. I love sleeping a lot lot lot. Mainly because I never get it. I’m always chasing it though. Sleep is playing hard to get with me. Everything is so hard to get. But is it really? Are things really hard to get? Am I a cat? I’m sure as hell not a golden retriever. Maybe I’m a hamster on a wheel, trying so hard to run somewhere that doesn’t exist until I die. Living is a part of death. Death is a part of living. My friend is leaving me. People leave. This is sad. Maybe I am a cat. But, I feel like so many of us are cats. Maybe I’m a lion, specifically. They sleep a lot. I could do that. I can be scary. I have a lot of hair. I could be a lion. I read in the news about that one lioness who grew a mane. Maybe I’m that lion. Specifically that lioness with a mane. I’m a leo. It kinda makes sense. I’m also an ox. Maybe I’m also a cow, a work animal, toiling so hard for someone else’s land only to be used as food when I’m no longer useful.




I was falling asleep in class and decided to open up the most dangerous writing app and start typing everything my professor said. Very effective. Was wide awake until the 20 minutes ran out.

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  1. lol- i enjoyed reading this. I feel like I think a lot of these same thoughts & in this same random order–somewhat random/ meaningless thoughts, mixed in with bigger picture “omg what is life?!” type of thoughts. Actually really interesting! 🙂

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