Run-on sentences, grammatical errors, disjointed thoughts, AND PUPPIES

I would say that the animals I most like are dogs. That wasn’t always the case. My favorite animal used to be tigers, but now they are just in the top 3. I also like elephants. In kindergarten they had this animal day where some guy brought in a bunch of different types of animals. One of those animals was a chinchilla. For a while, I thought chinchillas were the most amazing creatures ever to exist. It was the softest thing I’ve ever felt. It was also super friendly. I got over them since they aren’t exactly easily accessible. Anyway, back to dogs. I really love them. They are so pure hearted and loyal and fun and enthusiastic. I have a dog. He’s great. I love him. I myself would say that if I were to be an animal, I’d probably be a wolf. I really like wolves, too. They are awesome because you can be a lone wolf if you want, but if you’re feeling more social, you can find yourself a pack and travel like that. It’s a really versatile animal if you think about it. Plus they are super tough and they look like they could handle a lot of scary shit. They also live in colder regions and they don’t mind and I honestly don’t mind the cold too much either so it seems like the perfect fit really. I used to think I would be a tiger if I were an animal. They just seemed so regal and majestic and most of my picture books contained awesome graphics of tigers and I even bought this book all on tigers when I was in elementary school because I was obsessed. My favorite was the Bengal tiger. The white tigers freak me out a little though. Oh my gosh I don’t know what else to write how do¬† I keep talking about what animal, oh timer’s up.


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