Something that a person finds especially annoying

1. Walked too closely behind me.

2. Tapped your pencil rapidly on your desk in class while sitting nextpet_peeves to me.

3. Made strange noises with your mouth when they were clearly unnecessary.

4. Stopped walking in the middle of the sidewalk.

5. Walked in the middle of the sidewalk leaving me to walk in the grass and navigate around you.

6. Stepped on the back of my shoe(s) when I’m walking in front of you.

7. “Whispered” to your friend in the row behind me in lecture disrupting my learning.

8. Took an extremely long time when checking out at the groceury store.

9. Said “no” when I told you my opinion.

10. Didn’t fill up the Britta after you used it.

11. Yelled when I was trying to sleep.

12. Infiltrated my personal bubble.

13. Whistled when the room was silent.

14. Drove improperly either in front of or behind me.

15. Kicked my chair consistently at the movie theater.

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