stalking people on the internet

I’m so glad that this was an assignment. It gave me an actual, legitimate reason to poke around in people’s lives. After going through the list of ePortfolios from the Fall 2014 cohort, I narrowed down the list of blogs that stood out to me to 3 different ones.

The first one that stood out to me was actually a blog that I was assigned to look at in class. By far, I think that it’s the best mix of visual appeal and practicality that I’ve seen from all of the blogs thus far.

I really liked the organization, pictures, and font of Cameron’s ePortfolio. I don’t know how well I could duplicate the effect because I don’t have my own pictures that look as nice. However, his ePortfolio is the 1

Second, Brendan’s portfolio stood out to me. While I liked the organization and the overall presentation of the blog, the real reason that his blog stood out to me had nothing to do with that. Brendan was one of my orientation leaders–I realized this once I clicked on his About Me page. He was the guy that made us walk through the fountain. blog 3

My blog is probably going to look more like Brendan’s if I’m lucky. I have minimal decorating skills.

If I could, I’d want to imitate the layout of either of their blogs. Both were easy to use and very professional. Cameron’s was aesthetically more pleasing mainly because he had a lot of great panorama photos to use in the background. How appropriate is Google Images?

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