Teach Me How to EPortfolio

I wasn’t exactly sure what a “Minor in Writing EPortfolio” was when I was told I needed to have one published at the end of the semester. In fact, even when one of the fall 2014 cohorts showed me his eportfolio at the Minor in Writing meeting at the beginning of the semester, I still wasn’t sure what it entailed.

Upon going on the Minor in Writing WordPress website, I was extremely impressed and even a little overwhelmed by what I saw. I first looked at Logan Hansen’s eportfolio to give me an idea everything it should include. His site was not only visually pleasing, but it was well organized and well constructed. Each part of the site was easy to find and to follow, which I knew I wanted to my own eportfolio. It was nice to see an “About Me” page, especially since I didn’t know him, which introduced him as a writer. I was able to look around at some of his other writing, not for the Minor, as well as contact him on his “Contact” page in case I had any questions for him. Overall I found his eportfolio to be very well done and I found many aspects that I would like to include on my own.

I also had the opportunity to look at Catherine Livingston’s eportfolio. Similar to Logan’s, her site was very enjoyable. She included many pictures that kept my interest and made it so that it was easy for her audience to navigate. She also included other pieces of writing that were not necessary for the assignment, as well as well as her resume. If I plan to use my eportfolio for anything professional, I will be sure to include my resume too. I also liked how Catherine included linked to her projects that would open up in a separate tab, that way I could easily return to the site when I wanted to. Her eportfolio was very well done and I will incorporate some of her ideas into my own site.

As on now, I am feeling much better about the Minor in Writing EPortfolio, especially after looking at many examples. I am eager to get started.

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