Technologically Challenged

For my project III, I am not quite sure what I am going to create yet. My project II consisted of an issue for a digital magazine on campus called SHIFT based on the Slow Fashion Movement, so one idea I had was to promote this movement through a series of advertisements. I also thought it could be interesting to create some sort of video, whether it is a “commercial” type video for Slow Fashion, or a video that includes footage from the students that I interviewed based on the “What’s in my closet?” youtube clips. I thought I could record the students answering some of the questions that I asked them and actually¬†showing certain items that are in their closets in order to convince the audience to want to change their current ways of consumption. However, I¬†have also come across several intense photographs that display how fast fashion is harming both workers and our environment that I believe could be extremely effective in making others realize the importance of this movement. I am thinking about using these photos in combination with a voiceover to promote Slow Fashion. The only thing that is causing me to rethink these ideas is that I am technologically challenged when it comes to making movies!

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