THE Best Commencement Video

From my commencement speech, to an advice article, and now to a video, Projects II and III have allowed me to further explore one the most exciting moments of my life.

My senior year of high school, I auditioned and was selected to give my class commencement speech. It was an incredible honor and to this day I still think back to the amazing experience that I had. For Project II, I repurposed my commencement speech into an article for The Huffington Post that compiled a list of five points of advice that every commencement speaker should include when giving their address. As I move forward with Project III, I am planning on making a video that still encompasses those five points but by presenting them in a different way.

My ideal place of publication would be on the website Soul Pancake. Since I first stumbled upon the website early high school, I have watched dozens of inspirational videos from their site that I think have a similar theme to what I want to include in my own video. As of now, I would love to incorporate video clips from my own speech, as well as the speeches of those that I addressed in my article. To do so, I will need to find the best parts of those speeches and cut them so that they fit into my video in the best way possible. I will narrate parts of the video if need be so that the video flows together nicely. I also plan to handwrite the five points of advice on paper that will be video taped and used as breaks between videos.

I am hoping to use iMovie to make the video as it has been extremely helpful in the past. Project III will definitely be a challenge for me, but I am excited to get started and see where the idea of using my original commencement speech will get me.

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