The Craziest Spring Break Story Ever… Not

Today was my first day of classes after break. I am not sure if we were suppose to post before break or not so… why not? Well, my break was not very eventful according to traditional “crazy spring break” standards. However, it was crazy to me. I worked an unfathomable number of hours, yet I still feel that I have not completed everything I wanted to. But, all of the small pieces will eventually puzzle together to create a solid project.

In regards to my project, I focused on creating my memo, getting the memo approved, and presenting my ideas. However, my original expectations did not turn out as outlined. I had planned to present to a group of fifteen to twenty people, but my boss thought it would be better to work with specific individuals. At first I was unsure because I wanted to spread my message about how important and novel the software system throughout the company. But, I learned that this was not the right approach. I needed to work with individuals and small groups to get an understanding of specific issues and resolutions.

These small meetings went really well! I was able to work with my peers to find a way to perfect this novel software program. The program needs to start working. Once things start flowing, it will begin to benefit everyone. This is my message.

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