Time: Tick Tock

I don’t have too many pet peeves, but the ones that I do have, I take very seriously.
First, please meet me at the time that we have previously agreed on. When I agree to meet at a certain time, at a particular place, I expect myself and the other person to arrive on time. The worst feeling is worrying that you are in the wrong place, or arrived at the wrong time, when the blame is in the other person’s hands.
In addition, I don’t respect when I am at a meal with another person and they are consumed with their phone the entire time. Again, the same theme of wasting time remains. Whenever this occurs, I always think, “Am I wasting my time.”

I am.


This is a product of our generation of constant stimulation, in which people don’t want to miss out on anything that is happening in the world when it is happening. Well, they are ending up missing out on the human interaction that comes with eating a meal together. Thus, time is the one constant that I do not like to waste.

After all, all of our time is limited.

One thought to “Time: Tick Tock”

  1. Hi Louis,
    While reading your post I realized that if we were ever to meet up, you’d end up hating me since I’m pretty much late to everything.
    I totally agree with you about the phone thing. It’s incredibly rude and you’re right: it could be that people don’t want to miss out on a something happening elsewhere even at the cost of missing what’s right in front of them.
    Also, it’s interesting that we both wrote about time for our pet peeves.

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