We’re already on Project III??

As we complete more and more of these projects I continue to go into each one with a specific idea and end up surprised by the final direction it takes. So, while I have an idea for Project III, I am starting to expect that it will have morphed into a new project completely by the final due date. But oh well, here’s to hoping this idea sticks.

For Project II I wrote about one of the hardest years in my life. During seventh grade, I went almost completely blind in one eye. Obviously, being one of the toughest things I have gone through, this experience has affected me a lot. Enough that I’ve already written about it multiple times. But I wanted to talk about it again for these projects because I felt like both of the previous essays I had written ended with a cheesy message that wasn’t entirely true to how the experience affected me, and I wanted to be real. I hope Project II was real. It felt more real.

With this objective in mind, I ended up focusing more on my mother and I’s relationship than I thought I would. Project II is interspersed with quotes from an interview with my mother, and I explored how I now behave and treat her.

All along I have wanted to do a video for Project III. Originally I thought I was going to write Project II from multiple perspectives and, had that been the case, I wanted to record a video and play the same footage twice with two different narrations overlaid— my own and my mom’s. The essay didn’t end up being about that, but I still want to try to make this video work. Since the whole theme of my project is my mom and I, I want to record a video about the experience and contrast with words from my mother and words from myself.

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