What Do You Mean?

I was having some difficulty thinking of a solid word or phrase that was as dynamic and confusing as “basic” when in reference to the English language. After reading Lainey’s post about strong arguments, I immediately thought of the term ” having a strong voice.” Teachers, writers, and audiences alike can describe the voice of a writer as “strong,” when that adjective could mean many different things. It reveals how intriguing or interesting the tone of a piece is, while also concealing what kind of tone that even is. Is strong funny or serious? Is it quite literally loud or could it still be strong if it was a modest tone? Does it sometimes mean to conceal the fact that it’s not “good” writing, but to save face the reader notes that it’s still a “strong voice”? To me, this parallels the word “creative,” a word I think people choose a lot to disguise their true feelings about a piece’s quality, or lack there of, as well.

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