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I found yesterday’s class discussion particularly interesting. I had never really given a thought before to the question ‘why do you write?’ before, and I found it compelling. It’s an interesting question to me because it’s something I’ve never thought about before. Up until this part in my life, for the most part, I have written because of school. Almost all of my written work I’ve written because teachers have assigned it.

This year though, as a college sophomore, I have found that I have more freedom in my writing. I’m used to having my writing topics chosen for me by my instructor. But this year actually was the first time I had the freedom to choose what I want to write about (outside of elementary school fiction writing). Last semester, I took Academic Argumentation and worked on arguing via the written word. I was able to choose what I wanted to argue about–which was awesome in some regards (because I absolutely adore arguing), but troublesome for me in other regards (how am I supposed to choose which argument??).

I started keeping a journal last semester in what is one of the few things I have written outside of class (my older brother takes care of my parents’ birthday cards thankfully). I realized in keeping a journal why I think I write. I write because I want to keep a history of my thoughts and journeys and feelings. I write to hold memories, and these memories are massively important to me.

I find reading ‘Why I Write’ pieces interesting because they give you a wonderful entry into the author’s mind. Everyone is unique in their perspective on life and in their perspective on writing. I believe I have a perspective on writing that is reflective of not only my generation and place in time, but of the memories, thoughts and moments that make me me.


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  1. Hi Bryan,

    I also took academic argumentation last semester and had a blast, too. I think it really helped me understand that an argument isn’t about sticking to your point no matter what but rather about adaptive, intellectual discussion.

    Our gateway class wrote our Why I Write essays at the beginning, so I understand what you’re going through. I didn’t really think too much about why I wrote up until I was told to either. I also kept a journal for a bit, and I had a similar reason to yours–though we share the desire to record the important memories lest they be forgotten.

    Near the end of your post you bring up an interesting point that all your memories are what makes you you. I feel the same way, and it’s cool to see how that translates into journal keeping for preservation. I wonder though, do you feel everything should be remembered?


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