Who’s Actually Reading This?

After looking more closely at my audiences, I definitely have a clearer idea of how I want to format this portfolio.

1. Audiences that might look at my portfolio:

Everyone looking at my portfolio.
Everyone looking at my portfolio.
  1. Writing minor graders
  2. Other writing minor students

I’m planning to focus on just these two audiences for the EPortfolio itself. I don’t want to confuse anyone outside and I also want my projects to be as clear as possible for those involved in the minor. When it comes to the separate linked page for my Capstone Project itself, however, I’ll present the piece so it can stand on its own and broaden the audience to:

  1. Current college students
  2. Prospective college students
  3. People of the Ann Arbor community
  4. Basically anyone who went to college

2-4. What certain audiences might look at my portfolio and what they want:

  1. Writing Minor graders: These people want to make sure all of the content is there and that the general feel of the portfolio aligns with the requirements laid out on the rubric. To please this audience, I will strive to make my portfolio very clear, yet engaging. This will include distinct tabs for each section of work, clear explanations of the pieces I’m choosing to include, and strong visual and thematic unity. This audience would not be happy to see a giant mess, where each link is separated from one another and unclear.
  2. Other minor in writing students: I want other writers to be able to look at and evaluate my writing. This will involve a lot of what I listed before but, possibly moreover, this will require a lot of strong visuals and a steady theme throughout. Because people looking at my project who aren’t graders will be doing this in their own free time, I will need to retain their interest and make the portfolio engaging. This audience would not want to dig for my projects, through a ton of different tabs, links, downloads, etc. So, I will try to make it as straightforward as possible.

5.What impression would I like the audience to have

1.Minor in writing graders: I want them to see me as someone who worked hard on her project, spent a lot of time on it, and was passionate about the topic.

2.Minor in writing students: I want them to see me as someone who really understood her topic, and had a common theme that stood out in every area of the project.


6.Who are the most important audience members?

I don’t have a ton of different audience members, but I think the MIW graders are most important (my primary audience), and that students come second. Still, both are important.

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