Why do I write? Why do you Write?

Let me preface my thoughts by saying everyone is unique. However when each unique individual is asked the question, ‘Why do you write,’ the responses tend to be predictable. Either you write because it is your passion, its how you are wired as a human, its what you feel your destiny is – or you write because you are told to do so. You have an assignment for school or for a job.
The tricky part of answering the question ‘Why I write’ is being able to go past the predictable response and perhaps don’t answer the question literally. Something that can help with this is thinking about emotion. For instance, do you write when you are sad or depressed? Do you write when you are happy? Does writing give you pleasure or pain? When asked these questions you start to learn more about the individual through writing.
My theory at least works on myself. I know that of course there are countless assignments I have written and will have to write for school and most likely my future employer. However when I think about my state of mind during writing, I detect a pattern. I tend to enjoy and write my best, when I feel well, have a clear head, and am in an inspired mood. I am not the type of writer who enjoys writing their feelings on how the world is such a dark place and life isn’t fair – that only brings me down more, I find no purpose in it.
There are times in my life where I have written just to write. And these times connect to my emotional state. I write just to write when I want to write – if that makes any sense. It is hard to explain but there are certain times where I am driven to sit down in front of the computer and write.
Another time where individuality in this question can be shown is why you write what you write. Ever since I was a little boy I was fascinated by storytelling. Harry Potter is, and probably will be my favorite book for the rest of my life because of the story it tells. I suppose that is why I am always inspired by stories, whether its in novels, movies, or even sports.
Though people may answer the question ‘Why do you write’ similarly, if asked to dig deeper more can be shown through writing.

2 thoughts to “Why do I write? Why do you Write?”

  1. Oliver,
    I completely agree with your personal dislike towards writing when you are upset. While many people feel that writing serves as the perfect emotional outlet during times of distress/unhappiness/anger/etc., I often feel most satisfied when I write from an uplifted/passionate/happy state of mind. I agree that this is likely because writing about sad or upsetting things can cause you to wallow further in those emotions. Similarly, writing about exciting and happy things can further emphasize those emotions as well. I think that some people might disagree with this point of view, but it’s interesting to hear that you share a similar opinion as I do!

  2. Hi Oliver,
    I could very much relate to your post about why you write. I enjoyed your honesty in saying that your usual motivation is that you have to complete this task for the purposes of fulfilling an assignment. It was interesting how you linked this usually unwanted task by many, when it is assigned, to also have a form of enjoyment when it is natural to many individuals. In addition, I could definitely relate to seeking a clear head when i begin to write to do my best work.
    I actually did my project II about why some other people wrote, so this post even more-so intrigued me. Your theme, about conveying emotion, is constant with my findings. Emotions were found to drive my own writing and the other people that I spoke with. I am glad to know this theme extends to you.

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