Why I Write

While I feel that my life up to this point has largely been about trying to discover myself, there are two things about which I have always been certain:I love music and I love sophisticated diction. I suppose these two things are similar in the way that they both possess an auditory appeal.

Thick, layered, extremely textured music has always been my favorite (think The Weeknd or Majid Jordan) because of the way that it creates a sensory overload. Besides admiring instrumentals, I keep written documentation of my favorite lyrics from songs as well. The lyrics found in my journal appeal to me either because I thought a specific line(s) had great auditory appeal or because I admired the way the artist portrayed a specific idea through creative diction/syntax/metaphor/etc.

When I discovered the thesaurus during my early elementary-school years, my teachers were thoroughly impressed and entertained. Once I reached high school, however, I encountered numerous teachers who told me to tone down and simplify my diction. These encounters continued into my college experience as well. I understand that sophisticated prose is not acceptable for certain genres, audiences, or purposes, but when I write something- anything- it is to express an idea in the most aurally pleasing way. While I find the most pleasure in writing about my deepest passions, especially music, I find that I can enjoyably write about almost any topic as long as I have the creative liberation to utilize the sophisticated diction and writing styles that I most enjoy.

In short, I write to be able to manipulate language in ways that satisfy my thirst for aurally pleasing sounds. I have always been extremely interested in the way certain words sound, as well as their different definitions, and writing allows me to take these words and place them where and how I want.

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