Word Games

One word that I find to be slightly two-sided is personal narrative. We often relate the term personal narrative with a form of writing very commonly used in young adult writing. In middle and high school, it seems as though we were constantly being asked to submit personal narratives in relation to whatever themes we were discussing in the books we read. However, the grading of those pieces was subjective to a point that no one ever seemed to feel that they were writing or submitting any writing of value. What the teachers looked for was a loose interpretation of the theme in relation to some kind of story from our own lives. But really, I think the term personal narrative had just evolved into a loosely structured lesson plan whose aim was nothing more than a chance for teachers to give us an easy assignment that required very little from them to read and grade. Personal narratives were little more than a chance to talk about stories from our own life, and without the initiative to write these stories on our own (as well as the added requirement to tie that story to a theme from literature), I usually felt that they lacked the real intrigue that would have made them really worth something.

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