Words words words

A word that we discussed in class and that I (supposedly) represent is the word “bro.” Bro, the male version of basic. What is a bro? Well, stereotypically, a bro is someone who flaunts tank tops, ray bans, salmon shorts and, most importantly, a sense of superiority, wealth, and/or entitlement. A bro, in short, is a douche. Everybody has had a bad experience with a bro.

However, a bro can be a good thing. In some circles, a bro can be substituted for brother, someone who you can rely on in any circumstances. Someone who is there for you through thick and thin is a bro. Someone who has your back always is a bro. The issue at hand may not be the word bro, or the people who embody the definition but rather the people who use (and overuse) the word. The Ray ban guys. However by simply beating the word into the ground don’t these people disqualify themselves from being true bros?

Which brings us to the importance of context and the issue of perception of reality. Many people view bros as intolerant, shallow, and judgemental. But isn’t assuming one embodies this attributes due to one word that they identify with (either willingly or unwillingly) just as intolerant and shallow? Additionally, the word bro has become a tongue in cheek term used by those who many would view as “bros.” Some use the word bro so others won’t or can’t.

So am I a bro? I guess I don’t know. In some ways I’d like to think that I am, however, society’s definition probably veers away from mine. I guess if you want to define me as a bro there is nothing I can do to stop you. Just know that I can’t see your hate from behind my Ray bans.


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