Wow I’m aggressive and other thoughts

The Most Dangerous Writing App:

I’m a fairly levelheaded person, so for me, pet peeves are kind of a big deal. I either don’t mind something or I absolutely hate it. And I’ve learned that by having roommates at college.

You don’t know how temperamental you can be until you live with someone. You share your space, you see them constantly, and you, unfortunately, experience a kind of round-the-clock closeness. There are certain harmless quirks and habits that drive me absolutely insane, and I blame it all on the constant being together.

When they say things, normal things, normal jokes or comments, and I hear them every single day, I have absolutely no patience, and I can’t even pretend not to be annoyed.

I get the worst scowl on my face, and I’m a genuinely unpleasant person. And I hate that about myself, because I should be able to put on a smile and pretend that every time they laugh I don’t want to scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon. I don’t think that this means I’m the worst person ever, but I am arguably the worst roommate ever. And if I know one thing about myself, it’s that I don’t live well with other people.

And my thoughts:

Wow I’m aggressive.

While this go round of The Most Dangerous Writing App was more successful than the last, I like the result less. I was able to type straight through, without “failing,” but because I didn’t think about the topic beforehand, I went with the first thing that popped into my head.

And consequently, I think I painted myself like an annoying and sensitive person. But I’ve decided to post the results anyway, because I know that at least part of this post is true.


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