Wow these e-portfolios are good

Making my own e-portfolio seems pretty daunting at the moment. Seeing everyone else’s portfolio is reassuring; the ones I looked at at least seemed to have fun with the task, and they really personalized it so that I felt like I could connect with their pieces better.

I randomly clicked on a bunch of the 2014 gateway e-portfolios and the first tab was that of Meghan Brown’s page. I really liked that she added personal touches including her favorite literary quotes (including one at the top of her Project I tab), her own pictures, and a contact me link because it all felt very open and welcoming. I felt like she was trying to get her readers to connect with her which is the point of this I think. I also liked the beach picture on the home page because it is very bright and provides a visually appealing landscape that sets a relaxed tone for the rest of the site.

I also looked at Hannah Schiff’s e-portfolio, and what I liked most about it was the Minor in Writing tab. The titles of the three projects were superimposed onto eye-catching images (like dandelions and lights and fields), and the user just had to click on any of the three buttons to go to the project. I liked that these did not redirect to different tabs but instead remained on the website. It made it a lot easier to navigate, and I liked the clear cut presentation of her entire portfolio. Personally, I also enjoyed the pinkness of it all.

These diverse sites are all excellent models to serve as inspiration for my own e-portfolio. They showed me that I really can make this site anything I want it to be.


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